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Here is what we can do for you

First, you get the fair market value of your lease
and what you can realistically expect to get
for your sublease in today's market.

Second, your sublease is marketed to all of our
Montreal Tenant Database and the commercial agent network.

Third, we take a video of your office space so that all
our national and international clients can see it

As you can already see by now, we do a
lot more more than just put up a sign.


Ask us to take a video of your office space for sublease.
In this example it's 300 Saint Sacrement, 

Your office space can be viewed instantly all over
our network as soon as possible 

So that you can have the best possible price and move
to a space that really fits your needs


How long will it take to rent your space?

Honestly, we can't guarantee you that we will sublease your space
in only a few days

What we guarantee you is that we will do everything
in our power to sublease your space fast.

Here are a few examples of our performance

We received the mandate on July 3 and the client
accepted the offer to sublease on August 23...
Time to sublease: 51 days

Downtown Montreal
We received the mandate on February 13 and the client
accepted the offer to sublease on March 17...
Time to sublease: 34 days


Old Montreal
We received the mandate on April 9 and the client accepted
the offer to sublease on May 7...

Time to sublease: 28 days

Plateau Mont Royal
We received the mandate to sublease December 3 and the
client accepted the offer
to sublease February 8, that's 66
days including the Christmas holidays

Read about what our satisfied clients
have to say about our services

While most are talking about months to sublease a space, 
we do the job in terms of days

Stop and imagine that you're moving in your new space because
we subleased your space... the new space is really what you need
and think of how more productive you will be... in the months,
the years to come because we found you the right space... and
look back to now to the time you gave us the mandate to sublease
your space as the beginning of all of this... now Isn't it?

How fast do you want to sublease your space?

Call now to make this work for you!

Call us now at 514.839.0608

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